First Söldner-X 2 Expansion Will be the Last

The first Söldner-X game was hard. Really hard. Even for someone who plays a shit-ton of shooters like me. It was so difficult that the game received a patch that included easier difficulty settings. Söldner-X 2, on the other hand, was easy. Really easy. I was able to beat the game (not including the secret stage) on my very first play-through without continuing. Regardless of either games' difficulty, I love them both, which is why I was excited to read that there will be DLC for Söldner-X 2 later this year.

In a weird bit of naming, the DLC will be called The Last Chapter, even though it's the first piece of DLC for the game. Hmm. The Last Chapter will include three new stages, new challenges (the exact number is pending), and new Trophies. There will also be a new difficulty setting whether you get the DLC or not, however, they don't say if it will be more or less difficult. Hopefully it's more difficult because I can't see players that are not as shooter experienced as me having a ton of trouble with the default difficulty, but I could be wrong.

More information including screenshots and videos will be released in the next few weeks. Until then, here's a picture of one of the new bosses from The Last Chapter, which is apparently equipped with everything.

Let's see here, a beam cannon, satellite ray, rocket launcher, and a space buzz saw. Yeah, this guy is ready for anything.

- Shawn - 7/8/10