Frank West Bobble Budd Has a Tiny Camera

With the Dead Rising 2 hype continuing at full force, Capcom has decided that the next bobble Budd will be Dead Rising 1's photojournalist hero, Frank West. This makes sense with the Case West DLC coming out at soonish, plus it's the character most Dead Rising fans wanted. When Capcom revealed the Chuck Greene Bobble Budd I made the comment that it needed more zombie splatter. Well, Frank West Budd has zombie splatter on his shirt. Good call. He's also got a tiny camera painted on him to take photos of the crazy things he'll do to your other figures.

The Frank Budd will make its debut at the New York Comic-con where he'll be available in a two-pack with the Chuck Greene Budd. Still no word on when these (and the squinty-eyed Servbot) are going to make it to the Capcom Store, but they should eventually. And if you're going to the NYCC be sure to grab an awesome inflatable four foot long Arthur sword for Mega Man Universe.

Zombies are no match for a man with a camera.

- Shawn - 10/7/10