Full Size Rocket Raccoon Coming from NECA

Up on the top of NECA's booth at SDCC this year stood a life-size Rocket Raccoon. I had hopes that eventually I could walk into a Toys 'R' Us and see Rocket next to all the other nearly 3-foot tall action figures because, well, I thought it would be like NECA's 1/4 scale figures, just not articulated. NECA has revealed all the info on Rocket and it may not be what you thought it was, or maybe hoping it was. The full size Rocket is considered more of a film prop like NECA's Gremlins puppets with a price to match, so we won't be seeing this at TRU.

"Happy? We're all standing now."

I would liked to have seen Rocket in a different pose, one where his head isn't stuck with his head turned. Or fake fur to at least make him look life-like, which would have made this "figure" look better. Rocket is made of foam rubber, latex, and is hand-painted. Apparently it might even be a little bigger than life-size, according to NECA. The retail for Rocket is $399. Ouch. BigBadToyStore currently has him listed at a mere $335, so if you need a life size Rocket in your living room, they may be your best bet. There will be only one production run for Rocket and it should be out in January. Oh, Rocket doesn't include a gun either, so keep that in mind.

 Check out more photos of life-size Rocket at NECA.

- Shawn - 11/12/14