Galaga Captures Space Dandy

The upcoming anime Space Dandy is combining with the classic shooter Galaga in the new mobile game Space Galaga. Space Galaga looks to have the classic Galaga gameplay, but features bosses and characters from Space Dandy and even has the old Galaga boss ship from the side art of the arcade cabinet. Space Dandy is the new anime from Cowboy Bebop creator Shinichiro Watanabe, so it's kind of expected to be awesome. Galaga has always been awesome, so Space Galaga should be doubled awesome. Apparently in the anime, the cat alien named Meow dreams about a game, and Space Galaga is that game. Or is supposed to be, at least, I'm not sure how the game will be represented in the anime yet. Check out this trailer of the combined might of Space Dandy and Galaga.


I was already on board for Space Dandy next month, but this Galaga crossover makes me want to watch it more so. And even though it's a mobile game, I really want to play Space Galaga because it's a new Galaga. Hopefully this gets released in the U.S. mobile market. It's a free-to-play game, which worries me a little on what they'll want you to actually pay for. There are different ships to choose from and it looks like there are a lot of stages, but how much of it is actually free? This will be available for both Android and iOS. Space Dandy begins airing on Adult Swim in January 2014 and the game will probably be out shortly after. See you soon, uh, space dandy?

- Shawn - 12/11/13