Galaga (Mobile)

-Namco/Gen Play (1981/2004)

-Played on a Sanyo 8200 and LG-5450.



Itís Galaga whenever and wherever you want it!

My Thoughts

If there were any shooter that would really work on a cell phone, Galaga is it. It is truly a game that you can play with one hand. Move side to side and shoot. No awkward and complicated button pressing, just sweet, sweet Galaga. It does take a short time to get used to the controls, although that holds true for any game on a tiny-buttoned calling device. The visuals and sounds are recreated perfectly, and even parts of the old arcade cabinet are along the sides. There are three game modes; easy normal, and original. I didnít notice much difference in normal and original. In easy mode the enemies shoot a little less frequently. Itís hard to improve on the original, but something about the game was; you can actually shoot faster than regular Galaga. Thatís damn cool. If the Gods at Namco have graced your cell phone provider, buy it.

Score: 9.0



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