Galaga, Yars' Revenge, and Sonic Wings Triple Shot-o-Shooter News

There's been a few shooter announcements in the last day or so to give way to another big quad shot blast of shooter-related news.

-Namco is making a new Galaga Legions game adorned with the additional DX goodness that Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is getting. Galaga Legions DX will be a part of Namco's new Namco Generations project that will focus on remaking old loved games. If there's one game I love its Galaga. The first Galaga Legions was a fresh take on the series and I will definitely welcome more. Namco is also making Aero Cross, a remake/update of Metro Cross. A new Xevious would be awesome, too, Namco.

Galaga Legions is returning with more intense DX action.

-The old Atari game Yars' Revenge was kind of a shooter, so I'm lumping it with the rest of the shooter news today. Atari released the first teaser trailer of the new Yars' Revenge (or is it now Yar's Revenge?) and it's... different. It doesn't show any gameplay, just a robotic insect that is actually some random anime chick in an insect suit. Weird. I'll still play based on the name alone. Watch the trailer below.


-MonkeyPaw doesn't give much warning when they release awesome games in the Japanese PS One Import section of the PlayStation Store. In that respect, Sonic Wings Special is available right now on PSN. The first three Sonic Wings games were released in North America as Aero Fighters, which were for various consoles. Sonic Wings Special combines the features from the three games into one awesome game. If you like shooters, buy this game. Plus, what other series let's you fly a jet with a dolphin?

Fly in the ridiculously awesome dolphin piloted skies.

- Shawn - 11/17/10