Galaxian Mini

-Namco/Interactive Brains (1979/2002)

-Played on a Sanyo 8200.



Galagaís older, ugly cousin wants to spend some time in your pocket.

My Thoughts

I was never a fan of Galaxian. I donít know if it ever really was a big hit or not, but it seems to get enough attention nowadays since it even has this mini version now. I didnít like it because it played so slow. The shots of the ship could only be fired one at a time and the whole thing was boring. Instead of the mass of enemies in the original you only battle a few enemies at a time. and the shots your ship fires are slow. The mobile version as bad, though. Like micro Galaga, the ship can shoot faster, so it makes the game somewhat tolerable. Itís ok in mobile phone form, but Iím still not a fan. Galaxian is just as boring as ever. Leave it be and go for Galaga.   

Score: 4.5



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