Galaxy Gunners

-Electronics Devices (1989)



The Story

The evil Brain Blob has recruited all the alien races in the galaxy to attack your planet; the flying shapes, space insects, the races with space fighters, space scorpions and arachnids, flying faces, and metroids.  Every kind of alien wants to destroy your ship, the candy-coated Galaxy Gunner.  Your ship has the power to obtain many types of weaponry, but only for twenty seconds at a time, because the ship designer didn’t want you to forget the annoying high-pitched squeal of your regular lasers.  


My Thoughts

The power-ups you obtain only last for twenty seconds.  It wouldn’t be a bad thing if the sound of your regular lasers wasn’t so damned irritating.  They’re so high-pitched and so loud that they drown out all the other sounds and music in the game.  All you hear are your lasers.  It seems the developers couldn’t decide what kind of enemies to put in the game so they just made something of everything.  Any kind of enemy ship, shape, face, or creature that has been in a shooter up to when the game was released has a cousin in this game.  They even have Metroid look-a-likes.  The same goes for the weapon power-ups, there is something of everything.  It also seems the music composer had the same problem.  The music features every kind of synthesized instrument that was available on the composer’s new Casio keyboard, not that you can actually hear the music when your lasers are blasting away.  

Score: 1.5        








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