Galaxy Patrol

-Sega (2003)

-Played on a Sanyo 8200.

The Story

Protect Base Station from Hartz play balls! The Hartz Corporation, long known for their fun, pet friendly toys, has launched their new line of the latest cat toysÖ or so we thought. It was just a cover story. The play balls were launched into obit around the Earth. In a few hours Hartz will trigger the balls to release a new type of catnip into the air. This catnip will control the minds of all felines on the planet. Hartz will use them to take out everyone in power and control the world. You must stop them! Destroy all the play balls before they release their mind-altering toxin.

My Thoughts

Galaxy Patrol takes the perspective of Segaís original Star Wars Arcade game, but replaces tie-fighters with kitty-cat rubber play balls. The enemies are just blue and white balls with bumps along the sides. All you do is move the red targeting reticule and shoot. Instead of the four S-foil lasers you get eight lasers firing all at the same time from the corners of the screen. Before you fight the dreaded rubberized balls you look at a hexagonal grid showing the locations of base station, you, and the enemies. The balls are represented by different colors depending on how many enemies are in each hexagon. For example yellow means there are more balls than green and red means even more. If the colors get on the base station for too long then itís game over. Iím just trying to get over the fact that Sega made this.

Score: 1.0


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