Game Fuel Answers the Call - Doubles the Duty

Game Fuel has been off duty for a while, but it coming back soon. The next game to be graced with the most delicious (or most awful) of Mountain Dew variants is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. If memory serves, the last time we saw Game Fuel was during the World of Warcraft promotion in 2009. I didn't see the Game Fuel in stores for the WoW expansion as much as I did during the Halo 3 promo back in 2007, so hopefully it'll get bigger exposure with the Modern Warfare 3 branding. In fact, this time if you drink the mountain nectar of the Gods you'll get codes for double XP in MW3 for 15 - 90 minutes at a time, depending on the size of your Game Fuel. They call it DewXP, which might be short for Dewble XP, but I hope not because that sounds stupid. It is a nice bonus if you love Game Fuel and CoD. You can read all the rules and stuff over at the Game Fuel DewXP site. I'll be hooking an IV to pump this directly into my vein and maybe I'll play some MW3.  Oh, there are codes on Doritos too, but those are kind of bland and aren't nearly as awesome as Game Fuel. I also think I might be seeing a pattern here. Game Fuel seems to pop up in two-year cycles, so when this run is drained, the next time we'll see Game Fuel should be in 2013.

Game Fuel returns for another big "3" game. Good thing they're not spelling it Gam3 Fu3l.

- Shawn - 9/26/11