Game Fuel Returns to Double Master Chief's XP

Halo 4 isn't just bringing Master Chief back into action, it's also bringing back Game Fuel, the most delicious Mountain Dew variant that isn't Throwback. Also returning on October 15th is Dew XP. Game Fuel, regular Mountain Dew, and Doritos will have codes to earn double XP in Halo 4. Many fans were already going to play Halo 4 and at least half of them are always ready for the return of Game Fuel, but with the two combined they can double their Spartan's experience in a zoned-out Game Fuel state.

There are also prizes like limited edition Xbox 360 consoles, controllers, hoodies, die-cast Warthog toys, and action figures. This is the first I've heard of the die-cast Warthogs made by Jada Toys and well, this is actually the first time I've heard of Jada Toys. Apparently they have a whole line of Halo vehicles. I'll have to try and find some of their stuff to at least see the quality of them. Another prize listed are McFarlane Toys figures, but they show a photo of what looks like Mega Bloks figures. Someone either placed the wrong photo or typed the wrong description. Anyway, Game Fuel is coming back and Master Chief couldn't be happier.

Game Fuel, Master Chief's favorite drink on the Halo rings.

- Shawn - 10/3/12