GDC '10: Steve Wiebe

Former King of Kong Steve Wiebe was at GDC this year, doing what he does best, playing Donkey Kong. Early in the day Saturday, I watched Steve play Donkey Kong for at least 30 minutes. A group of people were watching when I got there and after I went off to do something else. It was pretty cool just watching a world champion of a classic game play for a while. It was easily the most impressive display of Donkey Kong playing that I've ever seen. Steve was stationed at the Atlassian booth at the show. Atlassian makes bug-writing software and the like for game companies. I asked the Atlassian rep how she got Steve Wiebe at their booth and it turned out to be pretty simple. She had just watched The King of Kong a few weeks before and thought it would be cool if Steve was at their booth playing Donkey Kong at GDC. She contacted him through his website and he agreed. On Friday, the previous GDC day, Steve had actually attained a new highest score at a public event that was over 1,000,000 points. Later in the day, as I aimlessly roamed the expo floor I saw Steve standing around the Donkey Kong machine, so I was able to meet him and shake his hand - the very hand that brought him a former world record. Steve Wiebe was awesome and I hope he reclaims the Donkey Kong record.

Will Steve Wiebe be proclaimed the King of Kong once again?


Steve shows off his secret Donkey Kong techniques while a GDC attendee watches creepily on.

A sign that an Atlassian employee held high to alert convention goers to the presence of Wiebe.

- Shawn - 3/16/10