GDC '10: Zombrex

I was able to attend the Game Developers Conference for the first time this year due to some fortunate ticket circumstances. Before knowing whether I would even be attending GDC, I was tipped off by Capcom-Unity of a mysterious pharmaceutical company at the show. Somehow I missed the booth my first two times walking up and down the aisles of the expo floor, and I was even looking for it. On my third time traversing the floor I finally found the booth. I walked up and before I knew it one of the attractive "pharmacists" sat me down and explained to me the importance of being vaccinated. During her explanation I was "injected" with a "vaccination" so I wouldn't turn into a zombie... or so I was told. Actually, Kotaku has a video of the whole vaccination process, so watch that if you want to see it in action. After I was injected she placed a Zombrex band-aid on my shirt where she injected me. She also gave me a poster with tips on how to identify and what to do against zombie infections, a pen that looks like a syringe with blue fluid in it, and a couple extra band-aids. I figured this was something for Resident Evil or Dead Rising. When I looked at the box for the syringe pen, it says "Use by 8/31/2010" which is the release date for Dead Rising 2. The Zombrex booth was easily the coolest booth at GDC with the whole zombie prevention shtick and an awesome piece of viral marketing. I am now fully vaccinated against the zombie menace; Unless Zombrex turns out to be Dead Rising's version of the Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil. If that's the case you better break out that "cure."

The Zombrex pharmacists see their next patient... or victim?

I received the prevention. This is the "cure."

The sweet Zombrex swag I received after my "vaccination."

They also had a video showing the greatest gift of all. And yes, the injector is a repainted Nerf gun.

- Shawn - 3/15/10