GDC'12: Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment

Perhaps the coolest spot at GDC this year was the area for the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment. On display were old classic gaming consoles and computers, some dev kits, classic and rare games. There were many classic systems that were playable, all hooked up to big reliable CRTs. I came back here a couple times during my one day at GDC. If there wasn't more to see at the show, I probably just would've spent all my time here. Enjoy some the photos below to get your nostalgia flowing.

- Shawn - 3/11/12

Some classic and not-so-classic systems here.

The humongous box for the Atari 5200 towers over all.

The smaller Famicom remake with superior AV out.

Oh PC Engine.

Some classic and rare gaming goodness right there.

The awesome Gradius II and its shiny box.

Tetris, Yoshis, and a Kirby,

WonderSwan with Gunpey, and classic Zork.

Nice to see some museum love for Silpheed.

Dev kits for GameCube, original Xbox, original PlayStation, and PS2.

Apple and Bandai's failed Pippin game console.

I think the box is for the Odyssey. Maybe.

Atari's Pong, 2600 box, and Intellivision II.

The Vetrex and huge Atari 5200. And a random cup of water.