Gears of War 3 Enters the HeroClix Wars

Street Fighter isnít the only videogame getting into HeroClix this year; Gears of War 3 will see a series of its own in August. The series is emerging with ten HeroClix of five Gears and five Locusts. The Gears include Marcus, Dom, Cole, Anya, and Baird. The Locusts consist of General Raam, Skorge, a Kantus, a Mauler, and a Drone.

I'd say the Gears Clix would make HeroClix a little manlier, but not if the promo images of Marcus, Dom, Cole, and General Raam are accurate. General Raam looks decent enough, but Marcus, Dom, and Cole on the other hand, man, it looks like something went wrong somewhere. Maybe itís their intense crazy stares that are putting me off. The Street Fighter Clix looked great form the promo images, but these unfortunately, do not. Cole does not look like Cole at all. Theyíre also not in any cool action poses; theyíre just kind of standing there. If there are more series planned I'm sure there will be more action-y poses, but for now they're a little bland.

Raam looks a little uncomfortable with Dom giving him the crazy eyes.

Since Raam was in Gears 1, so this may just be an all-encompassing series rather than strictly GoW3, unless they somehow found a way to bring him back in the third game, which would be a spoiler if he is. The figures will be available in individual blind-packs for $2.99 each. They are compatible with all other HeroClix, so you could finally get that epic Gears of War/Marvel/DC/Street Fighter crossover you always wanted. Or you could finally have Master Chief get chainsawed by Marcus by way of a lucky dice roll. (via ICV2)

It's a war. Why are they all just standing around?


- Shawn - 5/2/11