Geeks for Tots 2011 - Donate!

You might be like me and have been procrastinating in donating to Toys for Tot this year. I bought the toys weeks ago, but didn't get around to dropping them off until this past weekend at a lonely Toys for Tots box. This year I went with two ThunderCats figures, because the the new ThunderCats cartoon is incredibly awesome, and a Star Wars figure because, well, Star Wars. Aside from donating being its own reward, if you take a photo of yourself and send it in to Geek for Tots, you can win lots of sweet prizes.

Here's my photo as proof of my donation. See? It's easy!

Geeks for Tots, formally known as Joes for Tots, was created by the very good real-life friend of mine Paul of The Robot's Pajama's, whom I've known long before he became the cool internet guy he is today. There is still time, so stop procrastinating and donate! Visit Geeks for Tots for all the details.

- Shawn - 12/12/11