Geeks for Tots 2012: Donate, Feel Good, and Win

I always seem to miss the prime time for donating to Toys for Tots because their drop boxes at Toys 'R' Us stores disappeared on the 6th, which seems very early. There are other places that have drop boxes out until the 15th, though, so there is still plenty of time to donate. If you donate to Toys for Tots, be sure to get a photo or other proof of your donation and send it to Geeks for Tots. Geeks for Tots (formally Joes for Tots) offers cool prizes as an incentive to get the word out about donating to Toys for Tots. You can see all the awesome prizes at Geeks for Tots. Go help out some kids, feel good about it, and maybe win something in return. If you don't win the prizes, well, you still won, because you helped a kid or two have a better Christmas.

This year I donated a few action figures and a ton of new PS2 games. There are probably kids out there that only have a PS2 with a couple games, right? Well, I hope they have a better Christmas with some new games.

- Shawn - 12/9/12