Generation 1 Unicron Returns

Generation 1 Unicron is finally getting a toy. Takara is re-releasing the Transformers: Armada Unicron with a new Generation 1 accurate paint job and head. When it was released, the Armada Unicron looked enough like a G1 version to keep fans satisfied. It wasn't perfect, but was awesome because it was the only large-scale Unicron around. After looking at the photos for this new G1 Unicron, though, the Armada version begins lose its planet-eating luster. Of course, Unicron includes a repainted mini-con to keep with the same accessories. G1 Unicron is being released this September as a part of Takara's Transformers 2010 campaign. I really hope Hasbro is considering releasing this in the 'states because this G1 unicorn is way more awesome than the original figure. Plus, many of the online stores are already sold out of their pre-orders. Make it so, Hasbro. (via Seibertron)

Behold the majesty of Generation 1 accurate Unicron.

- Shawn - 5/24/10