Gentleman Caller Claptrap Comes Calling

We got to see Gentleman Caller Claptrap at SDCC this year, but now NECA have released an official photo of Borderlands' bank-running, tuxedo-wearing, top hat-tipping, monocle-distinguishing, mustache-twirling Claptrap. It looks like that we are well on our way to getting a figure of every Claptrap, which is super cool, but I still want to see figures of Borderlands 1 or 2's main characters. Did the Psycho Bandit sell so incredibly poorly that retailers refuse anything but Claptraps? Us fans need more than just Claptrap, right? Well, Gentleman Caller Claptrap should be out in December, just in time for a very fancy Christmas.

'Stache your loot at this terribly fancy Claptrap's bank.

- Shawn - 9/10/13