Germany Launches Strumwind to Battle Space Octopus

Redspotgames, the indie developer that continues to support the Dreamcast, has a announced their brand new shooter, Strumwind. Not only is it great that they're making another shooter for the Dreamcast, but they actually announced Strumwind on some German news program. That's pretty cool. Strumwind is a 2D/3D side-scrolling shooter with 16 stages and 20+ bosses, including a freaky space octopus. Apparently the game has been in development for six years. That's a long time to make it awesome. Check out the interview of Redspotgames' Max Scharl below the epic space octopus picture and you'll be able to see some footage from the game in the background. Strumwind should be out sometime in 2011 and you can pre-order it (as soon as Redspotgames' website is back up). (via Japhei Game News)

Octopi get really frakkin' big in space.


- Shawn - 12/06/10