G.I. Joe Renegades Episode 3 Review

Major Blood Vs. Snake Eyes on a moving vehicle. Awesome.

The first two episodes of G.I. Joe Renegades were much better than I expected, so I felt like doing a quick follow-up review to see if the show could make me like it more within one episode. Well, it can, actually. There may be minor spoilers.

  • Major Blood was introduced and I'm fine his re-design so far. Through some actions in the episode, it's revealed that his re-design is not complete just quite yet. We'll probably see his full re-design in a future episode.

  • There was a cool vehicle battle!

  • There was also an awesome Snake Eyes Vs. Major Blood battle. This is easily the best fight scene so far in both Renegades and Transformers Prime.

  • Cobra has a store called SSS Market. If this is in any way an homage to S-Mart from Army of Darkness then a big fist bump goes to whoever thought of it. If it's not, it should be.

  • This episode was actually great...

  • ...until they fought Bio-vipers again. Ugh. Like I said before, I really hope Bio-Vipers aren't the main enemy in this show. It's only the third episode and I'm already sick of them.

  • The Joes have a new team member and he used the word "code-name" when he said he should be called something else. Okay, good, they're getting on the right track with actual code-names and not nick names. Like Major Blood, I just hope his re-design isn't quite complete yet, otherwise... yeesh.

  • The art is still inconsistent at times.

  • Cobra Commander wasn't in the episode, but he still looks ridiculous.

Except for the use of more Bio-Vipers, the third episode was actually better than the previous two. You continue to surprise me Renegades; don't screw it up.

-Shawn - 12/10/10