G.I. Joe Spoiler Warning

Don't worry, these first few paragraphs are safe. I'll let you know when the spoiler is coming.

Something big happened in IDW's GI Joe: Cobra series this week. It's a massively huge spoiler for issue #12 and it is making it's way across the internet. I don't have a problem with what happened, I have a problem with how a couple of websites handled it. ComicNewsi has the image RIGHT ON THEIR FRONT PAGE. In the actual article they have a spoiler warning, but have the image RIGHT NEXT TO THE WARNING. ToyNewsi pretty much did the same thing. On the main page they have a thumbnail of the image. Their brief "go here" article doesn't contain it, it just links to ComicNewsi, but the damage is already done. Really? You guys are just going to give away one of the biggest spoilers in G.I. Joe comics ever? You idiots.

Newsarama handled it a little better. They didn't spoil it on the front page and they have a spoiler warning at the top of the article. However, below the spoiler warning is a sentence of what the spoiler is and just a paragraph below that is the super spoiler picture, so if you read the warning and decide not to read any further it's almost too late because the picture is already in your peripheral vision. You can't un-see it.

Fortunately for me, I read the comic last night so some idiot site didn't ruin it for me. I can't say the same for anyone who wanted to read the comic and hadn't yet. I can see people talking about this in forums the day after the comic hits, or even the day of, but not a nerd news site showing what happened right on their front page. What Newsarama and ComicNewsi are talking about in their articles is what this means for the future of G.I. Joe comics, but they should have waited at least a week so fans could actually read the book before having it thoughtlessly spoiled for them. ToyNewsi is a site I frequent nearly every day and it would have royally pissed me off if I hadn't already read the comic. Hell, I'm pissed enough from seeing them spoil it for others. They'll refrain from placing photos of crappy Transformers 3 toys to avoid spoilers but totally give away the biggest G.I. Joe event of IDW's amazing series? What a bunch of jack-asses. I haven't been including links to the mentioned articles because of their spoiler-ocity.

What I suggest doing is actually reading the G.I. Joe: Cobra comic series to get to that point on your own. What IDW has done with G.I. Joe is just incredible. If, however, you don't care, then go ahead and scroll down to see what all the fuss is about.





































































This is the spoiler. Cobra Commander is dead.

That's right, Cobra Commander was assassinated. That's a shame because I really liked his new look in the series. I was thinking maybe it was a actually double, but IDW is saying that this ignites the Cobra Civil War and some other character will take over the mantle as Cobra Commander. That's certainly a cool idea that Cobra Commander is whoever is in charge at the time. This is already a better idea than when Dreamwave killed off Lady Jaye in their G.I. Joe run. Well, things will definitely be getting more interesting.

- Shawn - 1/20/11