Ginga Force has a Trailer and is Region Free

Qute Corporation has released a trailer for their upcoming, more story-focused shooter Ginga Force, which shows the sweeping camera changes and has some retro-flavored music, much like Eschatos. The second half of the trailer shows off the weapon customization and how silly some of the guns look on the ship. There are at least a couple guns that are bigger than the ship itself. Also, like they did with Eschatos, Qute has announced that the game will be region free, which is always awesome. However, I'm not sure if I should import or wait to see if Rising Star will pick it up and localize it for the rest of the world. Rising Star did just announce that they're localizing Under Defeat HD, another region free title (at least for PS3), so it's possible.

- Shawn - 8/27/12