Go on a Date with... the Galaga Ship?

Shooters making cameos in other games and media is usually a cool thing, like the Vic Viper in Zone of the Enders / Sky Girls / tons of other Konami things, but this is a weird one. The upcoming Namco High is a game where you play as a Katamari Cousin who goes on dates with characters from various Namco games, including the Galaga ship. While Galaga the game does hold a special place in my heart and as much as I love playing it, I've never wanted to go on a date with the space fighter. Or any other Namco character, for that matter. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this one... if you're piloting the Galaga ship... are you doing it?

While I've never wanted to date the Galaga ship, that statement is right on.

Aside from the Galaga ship, you the Cousin can also date Lolo from Klonoa, Meowkie form Mappy, Donko from Taiko Drum Master, Nidia from Dragon Spirit, Hiromi from Burning Force, and Mr. Driller, along with many others. There are also a few Homestuck characters in there, because the creator of Homestuck is involved in this.

This browser-based dating sim game will be out this holiday season. There are also pre-order tiers that include things like t-shirts or class rings if you want to pay money for a free browser game. I'm just disappointed that I don't get to play as the Galaga ship because Galaga is my game. If I were the Galaga ship I'd let the Taiko drum pilot me.

- Shawn - 11/21/13