Godzilla 60th Anniversary Diorama of Destruction SDCC Exclusive

As part of Godzilla's 60th anniversary, Bandai is bringing an exclusive figure and diorama set to SDCC 2014. This set has a 6.5" vinyl Godzilla with burn effects "reflected" form the city and a painted glowing blue spine, as if he was just about to unleash his atomic death breath. The slick looking box opens up into a destroyed cardboard city. When I first saw this I got excited that it was a new S.H. MonsterArts exclusive, but it's not. It still looks cool, though. The set is limited to 500 individually numbered pieces and will cost $60 at the Bandai booth. $60 for 60 years. Makes sense, I guess.

Godzilla and a pop-up destroyed city celebrates 60 years of SKREEOONK.

You can also check out Bandai's other exclusives at which consists of mostly Power Rangers stuff.

 - Shawn - 7/9/14