Godzilla Action from NECA and in a New Trailer

NECA posted new glamour shots of their upcoming Modern Godzilla figure in some city-smashing poses and couple close-ups. This Godzilla is 6" tall and 12" long from head to tail, with 25 points of articulation and a bendable tail. Big-G is looking good even though his feet seem too small and stubby. NECA has a 12" tall 24" long movie figure coming, too, which will have even more detail than this G. Both Godzilla figures should be out in May.


The new extended Godzilla trailer came out today, too. There's a nice close-up of Godzilla and a bit of destruction. We also get a brief look at the other brand new Kaiju in the movie. If you've seen Jakks Pacific's Destruction City set at Toys 'R' Us, then you've seen this guy in tiny figure form. This new Godzilla movie looks so good. Watch the trailer and check out the rest of the figure photos at NECA.

- Shawn - 4/5/14