Godzilla Monster Arts Figures Stomping In from Bandai

Bandai has a new Godzilla series of figures coming out called S.H. Monster Arts that gives Godzilla figures something they've usually been lacking: lots of articulation. The initial figure will be Godzilla '94 which will be available in November. Mecha Godzilla will follow in December, with Space Godzilla and Mogera coming out later on. The figures are around 6" tall and have 29 points of articulation to re-create all of their supreme guy-in-a-monster-suit moves. You can even have Godzilla swimming!

Godzilla finally gets the articulation he deserves.

Mecha Godzilla can't compete with Big G, no matter how many missiles it may have.

The first run of figures will include Big G's thermo-nuclear death breath accessory that needs it's own stand because of how powerfully awesome it is. Likewise, the first run of Mecha Godzilla figures will have a Mega Buster breath and stand. Those are pretty good incentives for buying these figures right away.

Buy early and that $75 gets you more destruction options.

These are not cheap, though. Godzilla will be 5,775 Yen while Mecha Godzilla will run 6,825 Yen. That is a hell of a lot for a 6" figure, but you can spin it and say that it's quite a bit more affordable than the massive $1,500 1/80 Godzilla. See, around $75 doesn't look so bad now. There is also already web-retailer exclusive planned of a set of military vehicles and red atomic breath. I'm not sure what site will have this set yet, but I'm sure pre-orders for Godzilla and Mecha Godzilla will probably open soon enough. Check out a ton more photos at Tamashii Nations' S.H. Monster Arts site.

Space Godzilla and Mogera are next on Godzilla's stomping block.

- Shawn - 7/17/11