Godzilla: Save the Earth

-Atari (2004)

-Also on PS2



Godzilla must save the EarthÖ by destroying it!

My Thoughts

Godzilla 90ís. Godzilla 2000. Gigan. Anguirus. Megalon. Rodan. King Ghidorah and Mecha-King Ghidorah. Mecha-Godzilla 2 and 3. Destoroyah. Megaguirus. Orga. Baragon. Mothra Larva and Adult. Moguera 2. Space Godzilla. Jet Jaguar. Whatever Godzilla monster is your favorite, youíll find it in Save the Earthís giga-ton line-up. If, somehow, your favorite monster happens to be the Son of Godzilla, then thereís just something wrong with you.

The story is simple. Scientists have unlocked the power of Godzillaís DNA and created G-Cells. Aliens called the Vortaak come to Earth to steal the G-Cells and use their power. Only Godzilla or one of the other monsters can fight as Earthís champion and foil the plans of the Vortaak Queen. Godzilla has never really needed any motivation to fight, but having a cheesy story is a necessary part of Godzilla movies and games.

For the most, Save the Earth is a lot like Destroy all Monsters Melee but with a few additions and improvements. The monster roster has been increased a little and now nineteen monsters are playable. While most spend their time lumbering on the ground some monsters, such as Mothra and Megaguirus, fly. Itís nice to see Megaguirus actually flap its wings when it flies as it is something it didnít do in the movie. If the monster selection isnít enough, Battra and the G-Force will make cameos in certain stages.

Some monsters are supremely powerful and make the game easy to complete while others are weak and make it difficult to get anywhere in the game. For example, if your champion is the awesome Destoroyah, youíll take out each and every other monster in no time. However, if your savoir is spiky Anguirus you had better get on your knees and hail your new alien rulers. The monsters are unbalanced which is good and bad. Itís bad because some fights will be very one-sided. Itís good because the game keeps with the power and strength that we see in the movies where some monsters really are much stronger than the others. The monsters also have all of their signature attacks and abilities. Jet Jaguar can change his size at will and Baragon can burrow through the ground.

The monsters have never looked better on a home console and many of them look better than their movie counterparts. Thereís no rubber suited men here, just monster on monster action. While theyíre not the best graphics on the Xbox they are very good. Itís easy to make out small details on buildings, the monsters, and people running for their lives. The monsters unique sounds are identifiable and they all sound exactly as they should. The beam attacks are especially well done. One of the best parts about the monster fighting is when two monsters get into a beam fight. Each monster tries to get their beam to overpower the otherís. The controls are fairly simple, but the monsters are slow and sometimes difficult to control. What can you really expect from creatures as big as this, though? They sure arenít going to be speeding around the arena like the Street Fighter II fighters.

The stages are very interactive. Everything you see can be destroyed or used against your enemy. Buildings can be picked up and thrown or can be used to temporarily trap your opponent as your monster unleashes powerful attacks. The army will also attack the monster that is currently winning.

The game starts you off with only a few monsters to choose from. To unlock the others youíll have to earn points in Action mode. Here your chosen monster squares off against other monsters until it reaches the Vortaakís champion, which is usually Orga. When you obtain enough points you can purchase the additional monsters, more cities to stomp around in, and concept art from this game and from the movie Godzilla: Final Wars.

Challenge mode offers many off-time activities for the monsters when theyíre not pissed at each other. They can destroy as many battleships or a percentage of a city in a certain amount of time or destroy UFOs before they destroy a building. In Vorillium Basketball the monsters try their skills in shooting hoops with the radioactive vorillium rock. Monster Bowling has you throwing rocks at other monsters to knock them down. Monster Roundup has you trying to capture monsters and throwing them in holding pens. In Undersea Battle your monster swims to the bottom of the ocean to take out the Vortaakís submarine. Save the Earth is also playable on Xbox Live, but be warned: there is a dedicated base of fans that will kick your ass in no time, so practice up.

Godzilla: Save the Earth does one thing very well and that is pure Godzilla action. What more do you really need in a Godzilla game?

Score: 8.0        


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