Gradius Deals the Prevailing Wind in Mahjong Fight Club

Instead of making Gradius VI, Konami loves giving the Vic Viper and Gradius cameos in other games. The next game to see the Vic Viper soar through space is the PlayStation Vita launch title Mahjong Fight Club: Rebirth Nationwide Competition Version. There are nearly two seconds of the Gradius background in the trailer of the Vic Viper flying past Moai heads at the 0:24 mark. The background almost looks good enough to be a preview of a new Gradius title. Is it, Konami?

I have no idea if there is more than one background and there doesn't seem to be a Gradius tile set (it would have probably been in the video with the background if there was). Anyway, Mahjong Fight Club looks to have some kind of special power moves and you can go tile to tile with possibly famous Mahjong champions who obviously talked about Mahjong Fight Club. I do enjoy a game of Mahjong from time to time, but the guest Gradius spot here means I'll have to buy this game on principle, even if I don't buy a Vita.

Is the background at least a preview of Gradius VI?

- Shawn - 10/19/11