Gradius Slots the Core

A new Gradius game is coming out, but it's not actually a Gradius game... it's a pachislot machine. The game is called Gradius the Slot and yes, that is the actual name. The nearly 4-minute trailer for the machine is pretty awesome, but it shows us that Gradius the Slot has more cinematic cut-scenes and more of story than the regular Gradius games, which is kind of sad. Konami couldn't give us the Vic Viper in cinematic space battles and lots of characters being dramatic in a normal Gradius, but they go all out for a gambling machine. I haven't played too many slot machines, but how do you even advance the story on one? Aren't these largely just based on luck? If I saw one of these I would definitely play it, sure, but I want to see a real Gradius with at least this much of a story. With Gradius VI nowhere in sight, however, who knows if that will ever happen. Oh, and Lord British (the red ship) makes an appearance and is piloted by a girl, so that's cool at least. (via Siliconera)

- Shawn - 6/6/11