Gradius Strategically Shoots the Phone Core

A new Gradius game strategically snuck up on everyone with Gradius Arc: Legend of the Silver Wing. It's not a regular Gradius shooter, though, it's a turn-based strategy RPG. It sounds and looks nifty and I would love to play it, but right now it's only for cell phones in Japan.

These are the pilots of the Vic Vipers? Hmm. I guess it could be worse.

Besides the slower turn-based combat on a grid-based map, Gradius Arc features something almost unknown in the Gradius games: characters. There are at least nine characters in the game who may give you tips, congratulate you on victories, sell you new parts for your Vic Viper, or just whine about war. I doubt all they're going to say is, "shoot the core," but one of them probably says it at some point. It appears you and/or your friends (there's a way to play with others) can pilot the Vic Viper, Lord British, or Jade Knight ships.

Lord British, Vic Viper, and Jade Knight ready to strategize.

Apparently this isn't the first time the Vic Viper has gone strategic. There were also the games Cosmic Wars for the Famicom and Paro Wars for the PlayStation in Japan. I know it's a long shot, but Gradius Arc needs to be ported to a proper console, stat, even just a portable one. (via Andriasang)

Shoot the core! Eventually. When you get there in five more turns.

- Shawn - 9/30/10