Grobda Tank Gets Xevious'd

Master shooter model makers R.C. Berg Ltd has revealed the next and best version of their Grobda tank resin kit, the Xevious version. The game Grobda is actually a spin-off where you take control of one of the tank enemies you destroy in Xevious, so this variant is not only incredibly awesome, but also makes a lot of sense. This version is redone in a color scheme that's more like it's monochromatic gray from Xevious. It has a smoke canopy, as opposed to blue, and is a different shade of gray and blue from the metallic version. If I could get my hands on one of these tanks I'd definitely go for the Xevious Grobda. Xevious Grobda should be at Japan's Wonder Festival and will probably be super limited.

The Grobda tank goes back to it's original form with the Xevious version.

Here's an awesome photo by R.C. Berg of Xevious' Solvalou about to bomb a line Grobda tanks. Just like in the game!

- Shawn - 7/14/10