Guile and Ibuki Perform a Play Arts Kai Combo

Square Enix kicked out some new photos of Guile and Ibuki, the next two figures in their Play Arts Kai Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition figures. However, they missed out on an obvious accessory for Guile; they didn't give Guile a comb! A comb should be the first accessory that Guile gets, or at least have him holding it an alternate hand. He does include two alternate hands (neither with a comb), an alternate head, and half of a Sonic Boom. Wait, half a Sonic Boom? First Square Enix doesn't give Guile a comb and now only half of a Sonic Boom? Ridiculous. Other than screwing him over in the accessory department, Guile looks good. Well, except for those incredibly huge ball joints in his elbows that are typical with many Play Arts Kai figures.

When Guile has no comb and only half of a Sonic Boom, it's time for him to go home and be a family man.

Ibuki looks great and her ball joints are as big so they don't stand out so much. Her accessories are an alternate hand holding three kunai, two chopping hands, and an alternate head. Both figures are up for Pre-Order at various online retailers and should be out in March 2013. Head to AmiAmi, Hobby Link Japan, or Hobby Search for more photos without flames.

Maybe Guile can use Ibuki's triple kunai as a temporary comb.

- Shawn - 11/28/12