Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation VS. Zeon

-Bandai (2002)





Fight on the front lines in your light-saber wielding, cool-ass giant robot as a “good” Federation or “bad” Zeon pilot.

My Thoughts

If you're familiar with the first Gundam series story-line you’ll be happy to hear that the game faithfully follows the show through its 100-plus missions. Yea, over 100 missions for each side. This game is going to last awhile. Depending on which missions are completed when, you can go through the game a few times and partake in some different scenarios. 

Some of the missions are straight from the show which, if you ever watched, it'll have you saying, “Hey, I remember this.”  The characters’ voices are also from the show. You'll fight alongside and against the characters from the series. The main characters are extremely powerful though, which is good when you’re fighting with them, but bad when you fight against them. There is no way to defeat them; you have to merely survive them. I suppose you can’t be offing the main drama queens of the show so it’s not really a bad thing. 

The story of the war is told as you progress and you’ll notice different views of the war with each side. It’s cool, because each side feels they are the right side. It’s something I’ve always liked about the Gundam series through all its various shows, because you get to see that, in a way, each side is the right side and vice-versa. The series also show the good and bad of each side. Although, I am getting a little tired of kids being the main Gundam pilots most of the time. 

The mobile suits are thankfully re-created with more realistic and detailed looks than those of the show. Trying to take this war seriously when you’re fighting chartreuse, pink, and other pastel-colored mobile suits would be hard to do. You'll be able to play as every mobile suit that appeared in the show,  even the crappy little maintenance ball.

You know, I’ve noticed that the Federation mobile suits have normal names, like Guncannon, Guntank, or numbers like RGM-79, but the Zeon suit names sound more like sounds you’d see displayed on the old Batman TV show. Zeong! Gouf! Dom! Gogg! Zock! Anyway, most of the suits look cool, whether they have a funny name or not.

Handling these mechs (uh-oh, I just used the m-word!) is simple. The controls are easy to use so it’s a snap to get into any new suit. You can blast away with your guns, lasers, head-mounted close range guns, fire off bazookas, or smash other suits with your shield. If your mobile suit is equipped, whip out your beam saber and slice up the enemy.    

There is a two player mode, but there isn’t enough variety in it. There is plenty of variety in the single player campaign as you fight other mobile suits (of course), defend a certain character, destroy cargo ships, or take out the bigger gun-ships. Your ground missions take place in deserts, destroyed cities, in the snow covered North, on islands, in caves, and across canyons. You also battle underwater and in space, including on asteroids and space docks. The space controls are altered for that outer space feel, but fighting just in space can get irritating. The radar on the Gundams' seems like it wasn't refined for space combat. 

This is a great game for fans of the show, or even those that don’t watch the show, but want to learn the beginnings of the Gundam mythos.

Score: 8.0