Gundam: The Universal Credit Card

Now this is how you show your feverish love for Gundam; by buying common everyday items with the Gundam X Visa Card. This card is available from Sumitomo Mitsu Bank in Japan, which is apparently the Gundam pilotsí bank of choice. Adorning the card is a piece of art of the RX-78-2 by original Gundam mecha designer Kunio Okawara. There is a cost for accruing debt with Gundam, though. The annual fee is •3150 and Iím almost too afraid to ask how much the interest rate is on this. Even with the annual fee and most likely huge interest rate, there is a big incentive to get the card.

If only this earned you points towards a real Gundam.

The first 5000 applicants get a special edition Real Grade RX-78-2 model in Visa colors. I bet Visa Gundam is great at charging enemy mobile suits. (via Tomopop)

Visa Gundam is blowing stuff up everywhere you want to be.

- Shawn - 12/20/10