Gundam Unicorn Adds Episode 7

Gundam Unicorn was originally announced as a six episode series, but at Sunday's Gundam UC event a seventh and "final" episode was added to the lineup. While I love Gundam and am excited to hear that the show will go beyond the original six episodes, it also means that the show will take even longer to finish than before. The length of time between each 50-minute episode is so long that it's easy to forget what happened in the previous one. Episode 1 came out March 2012, episode 2 in November 2010, episode 3 in March 2011, and episode 4 in November 2011. I've definitely seen episodes 1 - 3, although I don't remember a lot of what happened in them anymore. I know I downloaded Episode 4, but I can't remember a thing about it, so I don't even know if I watched it or not. Episode 5 is coming out this month, but episode 6 isn't scheduled until Spring of 2013. There could be nearly a year between episodes 5 and 6. At this rate, episode 7 might not be out until 2014. If you think about each episode being like a movie it isn't so bad, but since it's anime you really need to remember all the complicated relationships, so screw that. Seven episodes in five years is insane.

"In the near future" translates to "in a couple years."

I could re-watch all the previous episodes every time a new one is out so I know what's going on, but no, that's not going to happen. Also, as much as I might want them, I have refused buying the Gundam Unicorn Blu-rays because $50 for a single episode is beyond ridiculous. I'm waiting for a box set of all the episodes, which may or may not even happen, but now with a seventh episode, that wait could be until 2014 or later. What I should do is probably wait until all seven episodes are out to watch them all at once, but my love for Gundam will make me watch the next episodes when they come out, even if I don't remember what the hell is going on.

Anyways, look for Gundam Unicorn episode 7 in a couple years or so. (via Anime News Network)

- Shawn - 5/13/12