Gundams are Slaying Monsters These Days

In some alternate universe Gundams and Federation mobile suits are knights and warriors fighting the monster forces of Zeon. Somehow I completely missed the existence of these "what if" figurines from the Gundam: Heroes and Monsters line when they originally came out. I think Char's Killer Z'Gok is the newest figure in the line and is some crabby claw monster thing. It's a very effective monster yet keeps the familiarity of the Z'Gok.

Could Char tame and pilot this monster or would he just get eaten by it?

Unfortunately, I saw the scary awesome Z'Gok before any of the others, and was a bit unimpressed once I saw the Zaku Goblins. The Zaku Goblins, in green and Char red, just look like any old fantasy goblins. It weren't for the shoulder armor and shield I wouldn't be able to tell they were supposed to be based off Zaku mobile suits. And shouldn't they only have one eye? The heroic Gundam is a colorful silver knight and overall looks like a pretty standard Gundam just wearing knight armor. Gundam's ally, the Gun Cannon, doesn't look much different than normal, but it has a cool horned helmet.

These figures aren't articulated at all, so there won't be any epic battle scenes, just mild standing around-ness. At least they're relatively cheap at 1450 each. If this line continues I'll be interested to see what they do with a Dom, a Gun Tank, and Char's Sazabi and Hyaku Shiki. (via Tomopop with images below from Hobby Link Japan)

- Shawn - 1/13/11