Gunlord Graces the DreamCast and NeoGeo

NG:Dev.Team continue to keep the DreamCast and NeoGeo alive. Their last two games were decent and rather difficult space shooters, but their upcoming game is Gunlord, a run'n'gun platformer with more than a few similarities to the Turrican games. Apparently the Turrican games are called a Eurostyle Platformer, which is news to me. NG just released the first incredibly long trailer for Gunlord, clocking in at nearly 9 minutes long. The game has 16-bit style graphics and music, with 9 stages, 7 weapons, and 45 enemy types. A few different versions are up for pre-order for both the DreamCast and NeoGeo. Gunlord will be out in for the NeoGeo MVS in December 2011, while the DreamCast and NeoGeo AES have to wait until 2012. I've been wanting a new Turrican for years, and, in a way, it looks like NG:Dev.Team is going to make it.

- Shawn - 10/24/11