Guwange to Shoot Up Xbox Live Arcade

Cave's Guwange will be arriving on Xbox Live Arcade on November 10th. Awesome! Like many of Cave's other shooters on the Xbox 360, this version will have additional stuff such as Arrange mode, an option for dual-analog controls, and an auto-shot for the weak. Originally released in 1999, Guwange is a vertically scrolling shooter where the three main characters stroll on the ground while blasting everything in sight during Japan's Muromachi Period. Sure, it's be cooler to have a full retail release, but an Xbox Live Arcade release makes it much easier for markets other than Japan to enjoy the title. Guwange will be only 800 pink space points ($10) when it comes out in less than a month. (via Siliconera)

The Muromachi Period is regarded for its pink weaponry and giant spiders.

- Shawn - 10/13/10