Halo 4 Series 1 Figures Emerge from the Cryotube

McFarlane Toys has posted official shots of their Halo 4 Series 1 figures that don't show us any of the new enemies from the game, just old characters in new armors. Series 1 will include Master Chief in his new duds, a brown-ish colored Elite Zealot, an orange-ish Grunt Storm that may or may not have anything to do with the weather, and a red Spartan in Warrior armor. I like the new armors and all, but am really looking forward to when McFarlane Toys can show off the new creatures. Will they be shown off at SDCC this year? Possibly.

The four series 1 figures will also be available in a 4-pack, but instead of a red Spartan Warrior, it'll be a blue Spartan Warrior to begin the ample supply of Halo 4 Spartan repaints. The 4-pack seems to be a Target exclusive, while the single-carded figures will be available everywhere. Except GameStop. For some reason, GameStop isn't listed on the list of retailers that will carry the figures... but Barnes & Noble, Kroger, and HEB are? I guess I can understand Barnes & Noble, but Kroger and HEB? I don't think I've even heard of them before now, but apparently they're grocery stores. So, you won't be able to buy Halo 4 figures at a game store, but you will be able to buy them with a gallon milk and some ground beef. That's just bizarre. I hope this is just a preliminary list and not all the retailers are listed yet.

The final part of Series 1, or at least the until the the new creatures can be revealed, is a slightly frosted Master Chief with a Cryotube. The Chief doesn't look nearly as frozen as I was hoping when the line was first announced. The Cyotube is cool, though. Maybe some other figures I have can get acquainted with it.

Halo 4 Series 1 will be out in August. You can check out more photos over at Spawn.com.

"It's cold in here. Does anyone need me yet?"

New armor, same Elite.

The Grunt has some different looking arms and legs in Halo 4.

"Grunts look weird now"

Red Spartan Warrior: the first in a near limitless barrage of Spartan repaints and variants for Halo 4.

So, where exactly does the Chief get his new armor? They better explain that.

- Shawn - 6/19/12