Halo 4 Series 1 Gets Extended

McFarlane Toys' Halo 4 Series 1 is getting an extended series with more characters and Spartan variants. Halo 4's brand new Promethean Crawler and Watcher enemies make their figure debut. It's great to see something that isn't some kind of Covenant alien variation. Cortana has had only one figure (which got re-released) since the very first series of Halo figures, so it's nice to see her finally get an updated figure. Spawn.com says the figure is clear blue, but it doesn't look very clear to me. It looks kind of solid. I don't dislike it, it's just different. We'll have to see what the actual figure looks like when it come out. The next Spartan variant, blandly named the Soldier Class, also makes its debut with a blue version in the extended Series 1.

Crawlers look like they like to bite.

Watcher eyes are watching Chief. They see his every move.

There are also two new box sets combining figures from the extended series along with a couple new exclusive Spartans. Continuing off from Target's first exclusive set is the Target exclusive Halo 4 Collector Boxed Set 2. It includes Master Chief (again), a Crawler, a Watcher, and a purple Spartan Soldier. The other new box set is the Halo 4 5-Figure Boxed Set with Master Chief (yet again), Cortana, a Crawler, a Watcher, and the exclusive orange Spartan Soldier. This set is exclusive to Toys 'R' Us, Toys 'R' Us Canada, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, and Costco of Mexico. That's actually a lot of places sharing this exclusive.

Cortana looks solid enough for the Chief to touch now. The Chief gets lonely, too, you know.

Purple stuff Spartan.

I like boxed sets because they're usually cheaper than buying the figures separately, but both of these sets have three of the same figures, so which one will fans rather get? Those that want army builders might get both to expand their Crawler/Watcher army, but for those of us that don't want to get three of the same figures which one do you choose? Also, Master Chief has also already been in the first box set, so do we really need him in the next two box sets? As for the exclusive figures, apparently the first series of Halo 4 figures only have exclusives in box sets, as there aren't any singular retailer exclusives, which is just weird for McFarlane Toys. All these figures and box sets should start hitting in November, just in time for Halo 4.

What would be a Toys 'R' Us exclusive colored figure in the past is now an exclusive in a box set.

A blue Spartan Soldier. Soldier class. Soldier.

The 5-Figure set is pretty much a complete set of the Extended figures...

...but this set has a sick Purple dude.

- Shawn - 10/9/12