Halo Anniversary Figures Advance

The Halo Anniversary figures will be dropping in October right before the release of Halo: Combat Re-Evolved Anniversary HD Megamix. These figures have been known about for awhile, but now we have some nice images of them from Spawn.com, along with news of an Advance wave that will be in store very soon. But first, the regular Anniversary figures. The big thing for this series is the "build-a-figure," which is really a build-a-plaque. Each figure includes a piece of Halo's iconic difficulty plaque, so you'll have to buy all five figures to make it complete. The "low polygon count" Halo 1 Master Chief includes the left half of the easy plaque, Dutch form Halo 3: ODST includes the right half or the easy plaque, Cortana includes her light-up base again and a knife (or sword) for the plaque, Arbiter in silver armor includes the other plaque sword (or knife), and the Grunt in black armor includes the Elite skull, which upgrades the plaque to Legendary status.

"Hey look, a sword that won't run out of ammo."

Some crazed fan out there is going to buy a bunch of these just for the Elite skull.

Classic Chief, classic polygons.

If you missed Cortana years ago, here's a second chance.

Dutch includes a Spartan Laser, part of the plaque, and a skull & crossbones on his chest piece.

Two three-packs will also be available. The Master Chief Evolution pack has the Chief in his Halo 1, 2, and 3, armors. The Fearless Leaders pack includes Forge from Halo Wars, Carter form Reach, and Buck from ODST. If you own these figures already there's really no reason to buy them again.

Chie-volution in a box.

The leaders that aren't Master Chief.

The Anniversary figures aren't all, however. There will also be and Advance wave of figures hitting Target and Wal-Mart stores in late July. So soon? The Advance wave include completely different figures from the regular Anniversary wave, too. The first figure seems strange to have in the wave because it's the same Platinum Master Chief that is also an exclusive at SDCC this year. Apparently the Platinum chief is being released twice, just in different packaging. The next figure is a red Recon armor Spartan. The Recon armor is the most difficult to obtain in the games and for the figures. The ODST figure sees a slightly different paint job, and finally the Elite is back in purple, but it looks to be a different shade of purple than the previous purple elite.

You thought Platinum Chief was only exclusive to SDCC, didn't you? Yeah, so did I.

It's the new purple.

Recon armor is back in red, but still limited.

This ODST has white stripes on his shoulders. I'm not sure what else might be different.

- Shawn - 7/16/11