Halo Anniversary Series 2 has a Guilty Package

McFarlane Toys continues Halo's Anniversary from last year by bringing out a second Anniversary series with a new build-a-thing. Along with the UNSC build-a-logo, this series debuts a few brand new characters that have never been in the Halo line before. A bazillionth Master Chief figure is here, but it's a bit different as it's the Chief's appearance from The Package short from Halo Legends. The paint isn't as quite as "animated" looking as I thought it might be, but it does have enough to differentiate itself from the other Master Chiefs. The Chief includes the globe of the UNSC logo. Captain Jacob Keyes, the first person you see in the original Halo, gets his first figure and includes the banner for the logo. A white Spartan Mark VI is the lone multiplayer figure this series and includes the left wing of the UNSC logo. The robo-character 343 Guilty Spark and his Sentinel friend finally get made into toys. They played a decently-sized part in the games so they should have been made years ago, but better late than never. Guilty Spark has a reversible eye, from good blue to evil red, and the duo includes the logo's right wing. Mickey from ODST, who might be the final ODST member to be made into a figure (I haven't been counting who has and who hasn't), has the eagle body of the logo.

Spoiler alert: 343 Guilty Spark and his Sentinel buddies turn evil.

"Here's a magnum, but it's just for show so find your own damn ammo."

I thought the Chief's paint would look more animated.

Mickey has the body of an eagle. For the logo. He's not actually an eagle-man.

White Spartan with frosty blue highlights.

Finally, the box set for Anniversary Series 2 is the Spirit of Fire Red Team, three Spartans from Halo Wars: Jerome-092, Alice-130, and Douglas-042. Basically, it's a box set of three of the same exact figure except for a different logo on their shoulder or a few red paint slashes. Anniversary Series 2 should be hitting store in March.

This is what we call an army builder set.

- Shawn - 1/29/12