Halo Micro Ops Reach High Ground

McFarlane Toys released official images of their upcoming Halo Micro Ops, a series based on near 1/100 scale version of vehicles and buildings in the Halo universe. Some of the photos compare these to quarters, so you can figure out the actual small sizes. These includes bunch of vehicles from the Halo universe and building pieces from Halo 3's High Ground multiplayer map. The first Series is divided into four small carded sets, two larger carded sets, and two box sets. McFarlane Toys posted photos for all the sets except the High Ground Tower. I guess that the tower wasn't ready for the micro photo op just yet. Going off the original announcement of Micro Ops, a larger box set was also originally planned for 2013, although McFarlane Toys isn't saying what exactly it will be. An in-scale Elephant or Scarab would make for some great dioramas. Hell, they could just go all out and make a giant Pillar of Autumn set.

These remind me of when McFarlane Toys first started making Halo stuff long ago, they had a few smaller scale vehicles. I had hoped the vehicles would continue and more were planned, but unfortunately, never released. With the addition of little figurines, these will fill that void quite nicely. The Micro Ops also remind me of the Halo ActionClix, but these are much smaller. Head to Spawn.com for more photos and comparisons to quarters, along with final packaging photos. Micro Ops will be sailing on to High Ground this August.

McFarlane Toys won't say anything about the Falcon for the regular figures, but here's a micro Falcon with Carter and two Spartans.

The old reliable Warthog and a Mongoose race to win a giant quarter. The set also includes two Spartans and a UNSC trooper. Quarter not included.

A Ghost with an Elite, a Wolf Spider Turret, and Emile, the manufactured badass now in a tiny size.

The Banshee with two Elites. One of them is piloting.

The High Ground gate with opening doors, and a rotating turret, includes another Warthog and two red Spartans.

The High Ground bunker has a trap door and break away pieces for battle damage, a Shade turret with a Grunt gunner, a Spartan, and a Marine.

Two ODST Drop Pods, with two bases, the Rookie, Buck, and Dare.

- Shawn - 7/1/12