Halo Minimates are Mini

I completely forgot that Halo was getting the Minimates treatment. These were announced a couple months back, but photos are just now making their way across the internets. The Series 1 box set will include Master Chief, a white Spartan in Scout armor, a UNSC Marine, and a cobalt blue Elite in Combat armor. The 2.5-inch figures look good, but what makes the figures look even better is the Warthog. Yes, there will be a Minimates Warthog. I was barely interested in the figures until I saw that they could drive around in a little 4-inch tall Warthog. That's how you sell me new Halo figures; add a Warthog. The Warthog will include an exclusive lime green Spartan and be able to carry three figures. These should be out at the end of September, the same month Halo fans will already be spending a good chunk of change on Reach and probably more McFarlane figures.

A mini Warthog means battles of mini awesomeness.

Master Chief and friends finish the mini fight.

- Shawn - 4/24/10