Halo Points No More

Some stores received Halo series 7 this week, a little earlier than the March 2010 release date and perhaps too early for some. My local Target got a case of figures and some of the new boxed armor sets, so I decided to pick up a couple, but when I went to the checkout the UPCs were not on file. I guess Halo came too early for Target. If you have seen the figures in stores then you have noticed one omission from the back of the packages: the absence of Halo Points. This isn't entirely unexpected since the Halo Points promotion ended last November, but I was kind of hoping McFarlane Toys would keep the Halo Points thing going and add a few new items to redeem them for in the future. Maybe McFarlane Toys will have something if you have lots of UPCs to send in. Yeah, probably not, but I might hold onto them anyway; they'll go well with the 115 Halo Points I have leftover.

Does McFarlane Toys have anything leftover from the Halo Points promo? If they do will they put them on the Spawn store or make them available elsewhere? I got what I wanted, but if they have extra Dragon Swords lying around I might be tempted to pick up a one or two more. Actually, all the extra Dragon Swords are probably in the white Spartan armor packs already. I was really wondering how many points the Warthog was going to have on its box, but I guess we'll never know.

Which Spartan did Rogue Spartan choose? Spartan #2, the Hayabusa, because it was his last chance to get a sweet Dragon Sword.

- Shawn - 2/25/10