Halo Reach Cannon Fodder Figures

A couple days ago McFarlane Toys spewed their first official photos of the Halo: Reach figures across the internets. These photos only consisted of the Spartans of Series 1 and were of varying resolutions and qualities, but now McFarlane Toys has all the quality official photos at Spawn.com, including the Covenant and UNSC Troopers. Even though the pictures are better, I'm not going to re-post all the Spartans. Instead, here are looks at the figures of the Covenant and UNSC Troopers that you will see die over and over again during the game.

- Shawn - 7/10/10

Elite's didn't have the fancy Ultra armor in the latter Halo games. There might be some explaining to do.

If a Grunt is classified as an Ultra, doe that means he might actually be a threat in the game?

You'll probably see UNSC Heavy Troopers die a lot in Halo: Reach.

The UNSC Light Troopers have less armor than the Heavy, so you'll see this guy die even more.

It's good to see an Elite figure back in a more classic color scheme.

Because you like him so much, here's another photo of that ghost face killer Emile.