Halo Reach Elite Exclusive Earns a Power-Up

There is a Halo: Reach Elite figure by McFarlane Toys that is available right now, but you can't buy it. To get this Elite Officer in metallic blue with silver trim armor you need to be a member of GameStop's Power Up Rewards and you need enough points. I had no idea this figure existed until a couple days ago when I saw a Power Up Rewards ad in the latest issue of Game Informer, so I'm pretty sure other collector's may not even know about this yet. I'm surprised McFarlane Toys didn't make any kind of formal announcement about this. An exclusive Halo Reach figure with a snazzy paint job that you can't actually buy is kind of a big deal.

The worst and best part about this exclusive is that it has a cool and unique color scheme, so fans and collectors will actually want this figure.

So, how many points do you need? A lot. 21,500 to be exact. If you don't know how the Power Up Rewards program works, here's the gist: when you buy and/or trade-in stuff you get points on your account. You get 10 points for every dollar you spend on new stuff and 20 points for every dollar on trade-ins and buying used stuff. So, if you were to only buy new things from GameStop you would need to spend $2,150 to earn enough points to get the Elite. If you bought used you would only have to spend $1,075. Trade-ins would help reduce these costs a bit, but either way that is a lot of money to spend at GameStop to get a Halo figure.

According to GameStop's Power Up Rewards page, there are 3000 of these fancy blue Elite Officers. How long will it take 3,000 people to earn $1,000 - 2,000 worth of points before this is gone? Probably way too long. A couple have sold on eBay for $250, which is much less than the cost of obtaining one, but still a lot for a 5" figure. Also, it seems that these have been available longer than I thought. According to the Spawn.com message boards, these started out at 27,500 points, which is even more insane. If they did start out that high and have since come down in points, then maybe it will be okay to wait and see if they are reduced even more so normal GameStop-buying folks can get one.

- Shawn - 2/18/11