Halo: Reach Series 2 Advances Early and Series 3 Announced

Back in July, when McFarlane Toys was first revealing their Halo: Reach figures all across the internet, they hinted that there could be advance figures that would sneak out early, but never said what they were or where they would be until they were actually out in stores. Well, they're doing the same thing with Series 2, but are giving everyone a heads-up on what figures are being dropped early and where you can get them. The four figures advancing to shelves sooner are Carter, an orange Grunt Minor, a white CQC Spartan, and a red Elite Minor. The red Elite is an exclusive figure to this wave, like the green Spartan was in the advance box set for Series 1. It's not known whether the figures will be single carded or in a needlessly oversized box again, but they will be exclusive to Toys 'R' Us in December. If these are packed all in a box together be sure to pick it up, because that first set was an awesome deal. It was basically like getting four figures for less than the price of three.

"Great, so I take it I'm the distraction for the advance wave."

In Halo: Reach, Carter does something, uh, noble, for Noble Team.

McFarlane Toys also took this opportunity to announce the figures for Series 3. The one Noble Team member not accounted for yet is Jun, so he'll be head-lining the third series. The other figures are new armor variants and consist of an ODST jetpack trooper, an Elite Spec Ops with "a dark stealthy paint scheme," a green Grunt Heavy, a blue Spartan Military Police Custom, a rust colored Spartan JFO (Joint Fires Observer - exclusive to Toys 'R' Us), a steel colored Spartan operator (exclusive to GameStop), and a brown and forest colored Spartan Military Police (Target exclusive). Last, but most certainly not least, is the first officially nameless female Spartan figure that is not a main character, the rose colored Spartan Air Assault. The rosy female isn't exclusive to anywhere, either, so everyone will be able to enjoy her feminine charms.

Series 3 doesn't end with the single figures. McFarlane Toys is readying three more two-packs for army building. There will be a Covenant Rangers pack that includes a green Elite Officer and a steel Elite Ultra. Plus, both figure have jetpacks! That's awesome! The Spartan load-out pack will include a red grenadier and a blue expert marksman. Finally, the UNSC Trooper pack beings out more cannon fodder with the UNSC Medic and Radio Trooper.

There's no flaming helmet Spartan yet, but there are plenty of new armors to keep collectors busy. Keep an eye for the advance Series 2 figures at Toys 'R' Us in December with all of Series 2 dropping everywhere in January. Series 3 will be out in April 2011, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a third advance wave hit earlier.

"I don't think that Grunt is wearing any pants."

The Grunt is back in classic orange and still not wearing pants.

- Shawn - 10/15/10