Halo: Reach Series 2 Quietly Reveals Its Tiny Robot Arm

With zero fanfare McFarlane Toys has released photos of the rest of their Halo: Reach Series 2 figures. Man, Kat just can't catch a break. First, she gets a robot arm, then a lousy death in Reach, and now the figure wave she's in doesn't even get a regular news story on Spawn.com like they usually do. It's just something small and off to the side. It's almost like someone at McFarlane Toys realized that the photos for Series 2 hadn't been released yet so they quickly posted them since the figures are practically coming out right now.

The four Series 2 advance figures were revealed back in October and should have come out in December. I haven't seen them myself so I don't know if they actually did or not. The four advance figures of Carter, orange Grunt Minor, white CQC Spartan, and red Elite Minor are also part of the regular Series 2 wave. Finally, though, we get to see what the rest of the figures look like. Series 2 also includes Kat, a red-orange Elite Minor, the brand new Skirmisher, a red Spartan CQC custom, and the GameStop exclusive steel Spartan CQC Custom. What ever happened to the Skirmishers? Is their fate detailed in some Halo novel I haven't read? Anyway, Kat's robot arm look pretty cool, but if I were a male Spartan engaged in romantic relations with her, I wouldn't want to see that thing grabbing for my junk. Who knows when it would malfunction.

Series 2 also has two new box sets. The Spartan CQC Vs. Elite Minor set includes a regular green CQC Spartan and a purple Elite Minor. The UNSC Airborne set includes a cyan and white CQC Spartan with a jetpack and a gold CQC Spartan with a jetpack. If the gold CQC looks familiar it's because he was previously in series 1, but only for a limited amount of time so many fans didn't get a chance to get him. At least now those that missed out on this guy the first time can finally have him... and now with a jetpack!

- Shawn - 1/15/11

That robot arm may look cool, but it's probably a real danger in the bedroom.

So what happened to these guys?

If you missed him the first time, you can get him again. This time with a jetpack.



This is not Master Chief, but he is a master chef.

This is perhaps the ugliest color for Halo armor yet.

The steel of Series 2.

Red Spartan is red.